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Is a reliable search engine? My web browser is frequently getting redirected to this site everytime I try to search anything on web. Moreover I can also find my default set Google homepage changed to automatically. No matter what it takes I just want to get rid of this problem. Any suggestions.

According to the researches is identified as one of the malicious browser hijacker that secretly enters within your PC and gets added to the existing browser application. It even changes it's settings, configuration, shortcuts etc as a result of which users searches often redirects to fake website. Furthermore you can also notice replacing the default set browser homepage with it's own. entrance also increases the possibilities of additional threat entry to your system. Therefore before it destroys your computer entirely find and uninstall completely from your system.

Common Symptoms Infection

  1. Slow PC performance and speed
  2. Spontaneous system reboots
  3. Annoying popups and alerts during Internet access
  4. Blue Screen of Death error
  5. Redirecting web browser to malicious websites
  6. Recording user's Internet surfing and keystrokes
  7. Changes system settings and desktop background
  8. Disable user's visit to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more
  9. Unable Windows to update
  10. Modifies firewall and Internet settings
  11. Injects JavaScript codes
  12. Install additional malware
Automatic Method to

For easy and successful removal of you are suggested to use Automatic Removal Tool. The tool with it's powerful and strong algorithm exhaustively scans the entire infected computer thus removing successfully from your PC. Since the graphical user interface of the software is so easy that users with lack of technical intelligence can also handle the software without any trouble.

Software Features

1.Supports quick removal of
2.Easy to use
3.Provides advance algorithms and scanning technique which ensures complete removal
4.Highly compatible to all Windows platform including Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003 Server, XP, Vista and Windows 7

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