Tuesday, 7 May 2013

MoneyGram: Remove MoneyGram

MoneyGram has been determined as a ransomware program that invades within users computer bundled within freeware or pirated software downloads. Once it's installed properly it locks the screen of compromised system by displaying an annoying notification stating that the user of the compromised system has been found guilty of performing unauthorized tasks within their PC and thus charged to pay a sum of $100 to $200 as a penalty costs. It urges you to make the payment via Moneypack payment system within 72 hours of accusation.

However the aforementioned scenario is a pre-planned trick of hackers to extort some amount of earnings of user to fulfill their illicit needs. So rather than paying the non-existing fine you are supposed to look for solutions to find and remove Moneypack thoroughly.

Automatic MoneyGram Removal

Although manual steps to remove Trojan.Agent.kro is available however it is strictly advised to go for the alternative option of Automatic MoneyGram Removal Tool if you are not technically sound enough. The automatic removal tool comes with an easy to use interface which does not require user to be technically strong for it's installation and execution.

User Guide: How To Use The Software

Step 1:

Once the Download Now Button shown above is clicked, one of the below given dialog box depending on the browser being used would be displayed from here save file option is to be selected for the software to be downloaded. After this run the setup, by double clicking it and then you can proceed with the installation step as instructed by the program, as shown in the image below.

Step 2:

Once the installation process is completed, program icon could be found on the desktop from where it can be executed.

Step 3:

Upon launching the software & starting the scan process all infections that exist in the system could be revealed as in shown in the image below and can be cleaned from there easily.

Step 4:

The Software provides lots of security measures and protection level settings that can make your computer completely protected from all kinds of PC threats.

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