Tuesday, 4 June 2013


According to the researches it has been found that the hacked Brazil Government website is found responsible for landing  TSPY_BANKER.ZIP malware Trojan threat within the computers of innocent PC users. This malware comes attached with applications 11 different malicious applications like FlashPlayer, Adobe, Upgrade, Update etc that gets installed within users PC via these websites. Moreover these applications also have separate domains to which they remains linked with in order to disperse additional security threats within the targeted users computer. Once properly entered TSPY_BANKER.ZIP make alteration within Windows Registry as a result of which the capability of existing protection tool gets decreased. Thus rendering into detection and removal failure of TSPY_BANKER.ZIP thoroughly. Hence you are urged to seek for much better and advance solution.

Threat Assessment

Type – Trojan
Geographical Distribution- Global
Alert Level – Severe
Difficult Level to Solve TSPY_BANKER.ZIP – 7
No of Files Infected – 0-25
Countries Affected – China, North America, Western Europe
System Infected – Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003 Server, XP, Vista, and Windows 7

TSPY_BANKER.ZIP penetrate within targeted computer through several illicit means like:

  1. Peer-to-Peer file sharing network
  2. Fake video codec download
  3. Visiting malicious websites
  4. Bundled with spam emails or attachments
  5. Freeware or shareware download
  6. Via secondary storage media such as USB
Automatic Method to Remove TSPY_BANKER.ZIP

You must not ignore the threat as it's presence within your system for long can cause severe damage to it. Therefore for instant removal of TSPY_BANKER.ZIP use an Automatic TSPY_BANKER.ZIP Removal Tool. The high ending scanning algorithm of the tool exhaustively scan the infected system thus detecting and removing TSPY_BANKER.ZIP completely. The biggest advantage associated with the tool is that it does not require user to be technically strong enough in order to install and run the removal tool within their PC

Recommendations to Protect PC from Future worm Attacks
  1. Keep operating system updated
  2. Use powerful system security tool
  3. Install firewall
  4. Be alert while opening emails or attachments
  5. Avoid freeware or shareware download
  6. Make use of strong password and
  7. Be careful while removing removable devices
  8. Stay connected with Security Websites

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